Thursday, October 16, 2014

Trunk restoration (part 3)

I ordered plenty of extra trunk liner material along with the trunk kit from Leather Restorations in order to sew together pieces for the LPG covers. I used cardboard to make templates, transferred those to the trunk liner material and had lots of help sewing it all together. A common sewing machine can just handle the material.  

The job´s nearly finished (still need to attach the spare tire cover flap). It came out pretty well although the two black LPG vent hoses look rather stupid. There's little more I can do about that than place a large, old leather travel suitcase or trunk in there. That'll hide those hoses a bit and provide space for the emergency crap I carry.

The covers are stiff enough to hold themselves in place. The trunk liner material added to the stiffness once it was glued in place (I used 3M) but I also added a second sheet of hardboard on the inside of the covers to stiffen them up so they would hold their shape and not sag.

From start to finish:

(Artificial light)